UMKA-1 telescope satellite mission

The team of the School Space Telescope project, P.I. Zabrodin School No. 29, Podolsk, announces a diploma program that will begin from March 15, 06:00 UTC to March 17, 20:20 UTC.

During this time, seven images of astronomical objects drawn by children for the UMKA satellite will be transmitted in SSTV format.
The format is SSTV Robot 72
Frequency - 437.625 MHz
The interval between the start of transmission of each image will be 4 minutes.
To receive a diploma, it is enough to accept one (1), any picture in acceptable quality.
At least 70% of the received image must be readable.

In the application for graduation, it is required to specify:

  1. Full name and call sign (if available)
  2. Reception location (locality/QTH locator)
  3. Date and time of image reception
  4. Describe the equipment to which the reception was carried out (receiver, antenna, lna, etc.)

Applications with accepted images should be sent by e-mail
no later than March 18, 09:00 UTC.

The processing of applications for a diploma is scheduled for one month.

You can share the resulting images. But it is recommended to put a call sign on the accepted image to identify the affiliation of the accepted image to a specific person.