UHF Full-duplex communication

Hello everyone,

I’m currently conducting tests to validate the functionality of our ground station for both uplink and downlink communications within the UHF band, in preparation for operating a satellite in the near future. To do these tests I’m in search of a satellite equipped with a digipeter operating within this band. Our setup utilizes a Yagi antenna in conjunction with an ADALM-PLUTO device, with signal generation managed by GNU Radio.

Any recommendations or suggestions regarding suitable satellites for testing purposes would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi juls,

Try BDSAT-2 (via OK0BDT) and Veronika (via OM9VER) and maybe also GRBAlpha (to CQ without VIA or via OM9GRB-7). They all talk AX.25.

If you succeed, you will also see your callsign in the dashboards of BDSAT-2 and Veronika.

Daniel, dl7ndr