Ubuntu 20.04 SatNOGS Guide - Ready for testing

Hi everyone,

After extended time to complete what is a relatively small amount of documentation, I’ve finished adding the Ubuntu SatNOGS Guide to the wiki.

Ubuntu 20.04 SatNOGS Guide

Due to the delayed timeframe some errors had crept into the process over the updates, but these have now been fixed.

Anyone who’s keen to test it, please give it a run-through and let me know how if any changes are required.

It works on PC/Laptop, as well as a Virtual Machine.

The aim is obviously to help those with some entry-level Linux experience get up and running. I’m about to have it tested by my son - so we’ll see how it goes. Any errors are now likely ones I have made in documentation - I’ve otherwise found the process to be consistent and reliable.

I’ve also included a BASH script to enable easy (lazy) setup of SatNOGS monitor. Many new folk will want to see their machine at work visually.

Shout-out to Jan pe0sat for the hours spent on this, and for fielding my many questions.

*Note - This is for Ubuntu 20.04. I’m about to update for 22.04 but it does not work on the new version at this time.