TX/RX feed recommendation for S-Band and X-Band


I have an ongoing project for a 3-m dish. The design is for S-Band but the surface error of the dish should also handle X-band without a significant degradation of the signal.

I am now searching for a feed that can perform TX and RX mainly at S-band but if there are dual band options for X-band they are welcome. For now I have found that many people have success with the QO-100 using the POTY dual band feed antenna.

Have you anything proven to recommend?


Did you already had a look at: https://www.rfhamdesign.com/products/dish-feeds/

Ice Cone Feed

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Yes, but I found information from actual usage only for one of them at https://www.la1k.no/2017/12/06/anechoic-measurements-of-rf-hamdesigns-5-band-ring-dish-feed/