Two days limit for scheduling the observation

I’d like to understand why we have a 2 days limit for scheduling observations in advance (at least from the web interface)?
Is it a matter of computations needed to be berformed on the backend or we simply don’t want to schedule the same satellite observations in bulk?

I’d like to observe ISS, for example, whole next month whenever it is available at my location.
Currently I need to hunt for the occasion by checking if it is possible every 2 days.

Thanks for any feedback on the topic.

The main reason is that TLE don’t describe the orbit well after some days. Especially in satellites (not many in DB right now) that change their orbit actively, for example ISS.

So, let’s say that you schedule a satellite for the next week, the scheduling happens with the current TLE elements, as we update TLE elements all the observations are going to be update with the latest ones that will describe a different orbit. This will have as a result, depending on the orbit change, to have start/end times different from the actual pass start/end times.

For now the best way to avoid scheduling manually every 2 days is to use auto-scheduler which eventually will become part of the network code.

@fredy thanks for explanation.
I am using auto-scheduler on my pi - just need to figure how to prioritize ISS beside any other satellites - but there was something on priorities in the documentation.

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If I remember well you can set priorities by adding transmitter uuids in a file… maybe someone that uses auto-scheduler actively can help you with that.

create a text file with NORAD ID, priority and UUID of transmitters and
assign 1.0 (highest) for priority to transmitter. An example favorites.txt file might look like:

43617 1.0 FgBaUzULUc6wseLXx7hiSo
43616 1.0 GyJY8KwQgLxtQuFHFpcmk5
30776 1.0 rjz4x8XfpQCvmM8qgArr9Z
43199 0.5 MBfYJtqVLfZYtvpZ3mPvsb
44332 0.4 Lun5eGJAUAKwUqHZsbzSJd
27848 0.2 aBHGFxMopeCscUYRyiYdXC -s 1234 -P ./favorites.txt -M 1.0 -d 1 -f

This would only schedule 1.0 (highest) priority for next hour:

-M selects priority filter 1.0 (-M 0.5 would range of 0.5 up to 1.0)


Hi satcolintel5,
I am looking for a way to list the satellites I still want to observe from my ground station.
It is possible to let me know how you do it ?