Turnstile with 1/12 lambda matching build log [in Polish]

Hi there,

please have a look on my turnstile antenna build log.
I kindly ask you to write me a feedback on things requiring improvements so the article is more informative.

Text is in Polish so you may need to translate it online.

Please let me know if I shall translate it so it is available in English or if say google translation is doing fine.


best regards


Very well done… Nice explanation

But I think you could have better results with a QFH. I’d tested a lot of homemade antennas, including Turnstile, and QFH was the best.

Look at my observations network.satnogs.org/observations/?station=342

73 de EA5WA Juan Carlos

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@ea5wa thanks for you feedback!

I had a look on your antenna and it look nice. I will do the reading and probably I’ll try to build one myself to compare.

Best wishes for you in satellites hunting!



Mine was build with a PVC tube 40mm diameter and some rigid wire (recovered from a coat hanger). You need two pieces of rigid wire, one 560mm long and the other one 450mm long.