TUBSAT Satellite Catalog Numbers

Some of the TUBSAT SCN assignments aren’t correct in the SatNOGS DB. BEESAT-9 still has it’s LEOP SCN and the S-Net formation is all mixed up:

44412 BEESAT-9
43188 S-Net A
43187 S-Net B
43189 S-Net C
43186 S-Net D

See also https://www.space.tu-berlin.de/menue/amateur_radio/

CC @fredy

@bastla I’ve fixed the S-Net ones.
For the BEESAT-9 we follow 44412 object, I’ll check the latest observations to see if we can identify it. If I remember correctly the issue was that we weren’t sure if it was BEESAT-9 or any of the BEESAT-{10,11,12,13}.

The 1/4U BEESATs are not tracked by NORAD and are therefore not cataloged.

Are they actively beaconing? Cause if they are we can try to create and keep TLEs up-to-date.

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I’m going to forward this question to the team because it’s for obvious reasons not the “classic BEESAT” design anymore.