Tranverter UHF 10Ghz for UNIVERSAL 10 GHz STATION

HI all,

Here, you can find a translation about 10 Ghz transverter by F6BVA.

This is my first project on high frequencies with F5PZR and F1FUJ help on F6KOP radio club.

The project has four parts

  1. for transverter uhf/10 Ghz (see file on dropbox)

  2. the local oscillator.

It consists of a driver and a multiplier by 24 in my case. This choice is that of simplicity. Any other solution is possible, including the use of a synfox module for example. This would make it possible to change all modes … all frequencies (in the 3cm band) without any transverter or OL setting regardless of the value of the injected IF.


4.Power amplifiers.

The output power of the transverter is low, 10mw.

Two versions will boost this power to either 4 watts or 8/10 watts

As in all my PA descriptions, the prints will be able to adapt to different transistors and … to your drawers!

more details on F6BVA site :

I will translate all items according to your requests

73 Lionel