Transmitter data BEESAT and BEESAT-2

Hi, my name is Sascha. I’m working at the Chair of Space Technology at TU Berlin.
I’d like to suggest corrected transmitter data for both of our active satellites BEESAT and BEESAT-2.

BEESAT - 35933
It is operating on 435.950 Mhz instead of 436.000 Mhz. The other information in the database is correct.

BEESAT-2 - 39136
I’d like to suggest a new transmitter:
Telemetry, GMSK 4k8 and 9k6 on 435.950 Mhz
(usually we only use 4k8)

For both satellites is a GNU Radio Block SDR decoder available:

Best regards,


Hey Sascha!

Thanks for the suggestions! You can create an account in and make the suggestions online directly, so we can approve them in place. Let me know if you need any help with that, and welcome!

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Hi Pierros,
thanks for the advice. I got a little bit confused with the separate accounts for network, network-dev, db and community. :wink:
The transmitter data is now correct.
Thank You

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@kappi, indeed the separate accounts is an issue that we are looking into it.

The data you submitted are now live! Thanks!

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