Transfer/copy/install from Raspberry Pi to Debian?

I would like to spin up a second station on a spare Debian computer.
Having never worked with Ansible before and I am a little confused by the Wiki install notes.
Do I take it that if I have a working Pi3 install, I just run those commands from the Pi and it will install everything onto the Debian computer?

Thanks for offering any Debian install help you can.

The explanations by the satnogs-client ansible project at seem similar to the wiki, without detailing the actual commands.

From there, my understanding is that users start with their system (debian, whatever …). They might need to install whatever required dependencies (for example, apt install ansible). Then, proceed with the commands as stated in the wiki. At the end, after doing the satnogs-setup, the satnogs-client should be running in the new system, ready for scheduling. But some more details should be given in my opinion. For example, which user will be used for running satnogs-client, which permissions should be given.

Myself would like to try as well such installation on Debian. In my case, it is a spare system on a chip with Debian Buster (current development version, so no Stretch). I expect to receive a new Yagi UHF antenna soon and would like to experiment with something more powerful than the Pi.