Too many unvetted Observations

I noticed on my station many autoscheduled but not vetted observations.
What is the point of scheduling so many observations if no one is going to look at them?
I don’t have the time to vet other people’s observations.
Maybe I need to put my station in testing mode for a while?
Are others seeing a similar problem?

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I believe the newest vetting paradigm is that unvetted observations are OK, as all the important information is captured. In the future when more robust auto-vetting software is implemented, these old observations can then be automatically vetted retroactively.

If you believe your station is being swamped with observations, you can leave a note in the station description to ask the autoschedulers to dial back the utilization of your station.



More details for upcoming changes about vetting in Without Auto-Validating, I'm going to put my station in "Testing Mode"