Tone use under Gpredict/rigctld control?

I just jumped on a low pass of AO-92, but noticed that every time there is a command sent to the rig, my tone setting turns off. My “work around” for this was to set the refresh rate to 5 seconds, and turn the tone on. As soon as the rig updates (and the tone is turned off), I quickly turn the tone on and then start Tx’ing to turn the repeater on (once it’s on, I don’t need the tone - although I can’t remember how long that is good for). In checking the transmitter files for AO-92 and SO-50, neither have any parameter for tone (although the 67.0 tone is mentioned in the document header/description).

Is there a way to hardcode the tone into the transmitter file? Or to otherwise prevent the tone from being turned off everytime the rig updates?


i’m need the same, do you have any way to do this via software? thanks!

It’s not possible to add these kind of features by modifying data files. It requires implementation in the software.

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@csete for software do you mean Gpredict or Rigctl?

I mean gpredict.

Ideally, this wouldn’t be necessary, because radio settings configured on the front panel would stay fixed wen gpredict just wants to change the frequency. In practice, however, this seems not to be the case, so we will have to update gredict to also configure mode, tone, etc.

@csete, but the gpredict need to send the tone for each satellite (because it’s different for each one). This task do the gpredict? i’m mean send the tone to hamlib if the sattellite need a tone to open it.

thanks for all your work!