TLM Forward Soft

German @gpagliaroli is trying to make a dedicate soft in windows of #DIY_1 for fwd the
data to the db without using the fwd tlm of DW3KN. There 're any instructive note about how to forward the datas to satnogs db? @DL4PD

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There is, please DM me.

Also check this one about SiDS:

Can you please keep me in the loop, we are trying to standardize forwarding to the SatNOGS db and another solution can be great but also make thing more difficult in the future.

Maybe you can also share some information on why you think the GetKissPlus forwarder from DK3WN is not helpful in your specific setup?

What we want to do is a specific soft to decode using the UZ7HO modem and fwd the data to the db.
With the GETKISS+ software you have to do a whole manual selection and it is somewhat tedious if you want to follow only one sat. When doing a PC reset you cannot make a bat file to restart everything and operate autonomously.


Sorry I didn’t read the postings until now.

Well, all these “hurdles” at GetKISS are built in on purpose. It is just to prevent this automatism, so the user must know what he is doing. I think we are all aware that a lot of garbage is written to the database (I don’t mean false decodes).

We discussed this 2 years ago when I decided to discontinue the TLM forwarder. It did exactly that: it looked into the telemetry package and selected the appropriate satellite based on certain characteristics. The assignment to a NORAD ID was permanently programmed.

However, NORAD IDs sometimes change after launch. In addition, there are not only AX25 packets and some satellites have no ID at all or specific bit sequences for identification. Furthermore, the telemetry descriptions are unfortunately not always available after a launch. All this made a (daily) update of the software necessary and I did not manage that anymore.



I have published : Kisstool writen in java. ( JOSAST – KissTool | AMSAT Francophone (

The source code is available on : xtof / JOSAST · GitLab (

I have listed somme data about sids : ModuleSIDS/src/site/md/ · master · xtof / JOSAST · GitLab (

And one simple library is also available : ModuleSIDS · master · xtof / JOSAST · GitLab (


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for update and clarification, I know we also looked into querying the SatNOGS API, this would make it possible to use there unique Satellite idea. Would this still be an option?

Maybe we can use GitHub - janvgils/sids: Simple Downlink Share Convention (SIDS) to share ideas and functions.

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