TLE Future - Alpha5 or JSON?

the NORAD_CAT_ID satellite number used in the TLE will soon run out of available numbers. Will this platform start using Alpha5 or JSON?

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Not sure what SatNOGS is going to do. Here’s explanation of the issue at Space-Track and Celestrak:

The STK docs read:

The alpha5 format was proposed by the USAF as an intermediary solution for extending the use of TLEs to a larger catalog size. Its use is now discouraged.


The primary key used to identify satellites in SatNOGS is the SatNOGS Satellite ID already, which is not affected by the exhaustion of 5-digit numbers for the NORAD ID.

Exchange of ephemerides like is done via TLEs currently and it is planned already to be extended by the use of CCSDS Orbital Mean-Elements Messages (OMM). I just created satnogs-db#543 to track this.

There is probably no need for Alpha-5 to be used by SatNOGS at any point.