TLE error - "582 days from the epoch"

Yesterday I installed a new router and change my ISP. Noticed that I wasn’t scheduling any passes and when I executed my schedule all was proceeding normally until I got the error:
“ValueError: TLE elements are valid for a few weeks around their epoch, but you are asking about a date 582 days from the epoch”

The date and time shown when I log in to the Pi is correct so it would appear I’m using very old keps, or something else happened during the router/ISP change.
Tasking from the SatNOGS network is executed normally, so I’m stumped.
Any suggestions? (I’m a Pi novice.)

we are tracking this here:

It is a malformity in the AMSAT catalog that is causing it.

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Thanks for the quick info. I’ll standby…

For some reason, my station 272 still run autoscheduler, but 187 does not. Is this because the error in the TLE file hasn’t been reached yet when looking up the particular satellites that I am scheduling?


Likewise my autoscheduler is still having issues with the bad keps. I looked through the various directories but couldn’t fine the Python file that fetches the keps. I’d like to comment out’s keps and see if I can regain auto scheduling. Any suggestions?