The Gpredict version on Raspberry Pi differs from the Windows version

I want to use Gpredict on my Raspberry Pi 4B running Bookworm OS. However, I noticed that the version on the Raspberry Pi doesn’t recognize some satellites, whereas the Windows version has newer ones. The screenshot below displays the Raspberry Pi version (2.3-72-gc596101-3) on the left and the Windows version (win32-2.3.37) on the right:

I installed Gpredict by entering the following command in the terminal: sudo apt-get install gpredict.

EDIT: I installed gpredict from github source and still gpredict won’t show the satellites from the windows version.

This list is built from the TLE update process, adding satnogs list to the TLE sources will pull all those into that list
There’s a lot of other sources out there as well.
The files that gpredict uses (for all versions) is in ~/.config/Gpredict so installing other versions will not affect the configuration (much).
In windows this is located in the user home under Gpredict, like C:\Users\username\Gpredict

Thank you! At the beginning, it didn’t work, but after deleting the configuration files, reinstalling the app, and then adding the link, it worked.