The engine of my V2 Rotor IS SPINNING VERY FAST

Hey guys!

I am finishing assembling my V2 rotor using the SHIELD CNC, I managed to start the communication between
Gpredict and the Rotor but I noticed that the rotor is rotating very fast, really!
Does anyone have any hints of what is going on?


I assume you’re using the following guide:
Check to make sure you have the jumpers on the board set for 1/8 micro-stepping

I also had to change the gear ratio to β€˜54’ in the sketch to work properly with my steppers

#define RATIO 108 ///< Gear ratio of rotator gear box default 54

Thanks for answer!
How setting board for 1/8 micro-stepping?

Hi again jp_polito,
Just want to say well done on getting rotor moving.
This is a great step forward.
You will have to do some study on micro-stepping.
Each case may be different.
Also I must have changed my setup gear ratio to β€˜54’.


As I remember My four rotators working in FULL STEP and 54 Gear Ratio,
You can change some values on speed acceleration also