The data observation

Why did the data collected during the observation after a week fail and cannot be opened again? the information written is that it failed, and the data did not come out.

This is because the station never uploaded any data to the Network. So, the observations has been failed.

This is probably caused due to errors in the station functionality, you need to check the logs and troubleshooting the issue, check more in the troubleshooting guide.

Here is the process explained on how SatNOGS works:

You have two components, the Station and the Network.

  1. Station gets online and connected to the Network
  2. In Network you schedule an observation
  3. Station asks Network for scheduled observations
  4. Station perform a scheduled observation
  5. If successful, Station creates observation artifacts (waterfall, audio and if there is a demodulator, data)
  6. Station uploads to Network the artifacts
  7. If artifacts are uploaded in Network, they are visible in observation page, if artifacts aren’t uploaded the observation is failed and is marked as failed.

It seems your station fails on step 4, the observation due to error isn’t performed, so in step 5 there are no artifacts, so in step 6 there is nothing to be uploaded and in step 7 the observation is marked as failed.

NOTE: the message that says it is waiting for waterfall/audio/data doesn’t mean necessarily that the station will upload any, because it may have failed to execute the scheduled observation (failed step 4).

But in previous tests I got data like this, is it a sign that my test was successful when I got data like this?

This test was done with a fully functional station (2743 station) with correct settings, not with your station (3587).

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Yes, if you get such data uploaded to Network by your station the test will be successful!

The available stations are always filtered based on frequency capability, which is specified in the antenna section. in this specific case, selecting a vhf satellite and not seeing a station with only uhf antennas.