TestSat_SatNOGS DB

Proposal for a TestSat in the SatNOGS DB.


Whenever you setup a new ground station for a new band you want to test it.

But how when there is already no satellite in space on the frequency you are building?

No chance to check the whole chain. >> Suggestion

Add a test sat with the following features:

Uses TLE from a geostationary satellite. >> No doppler

4 positions over the earth so he is always over horizon.

Frequency 2402Mhz (IARU Bandplan for downlink)

Modulations: NBFM, FM, and large FM (500kHz)

A start button so I can trigger the recording just now.

Stops after 15min

Results can be removed on server after 1 week.

Other ideas?

I would try to avoid adding something like that in SatNOGS DB, the main reason is that it will confuse the users of DB (SatNOGS Network users and users of 3rd party apps/software that use SatNOGS DB as source).

Alternatively I suggest two other solutions:

  1. Add the station in testing mode and use the current satellites from DB and schedule observations. This way you will be able to test your setup.
  2. Use SatNOGS Network dev instance and SatNOGS DB dev instance to experiment with the idea you described in your post.

Network dev and its codebase and the client variable

DB dev and its codebase

If you want to schedule automatically I suggest using auto-scheduler with a prio file in prio only mode with these test transmitters. Although I’m not sure it works on geostationary.
It should work in the standard “future passes” tab on the station dashboard.

Going outside the current framework should not be necessary or very desirable.
You can of course also run the flowgraphs manually and specify whatever you want them to do.

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