Testing rotor control?

Im trying to set up a new station for satnogs. I’ve been chasing telemetry with Foxtelem and PSTrotor using a pc, so running something similar on a Pi is new to me.

Is there a easy way to test that the rotor is functioning? There doesn’t seem to be a front end to this software / everything is command line…

I have my station scheduled for observations, but would like to test it before the flyover.

“hamlib_utils_rot_enabled”: true,
“hamlib_utils_rot_opts”: “-m 601 -r /dev/ttyACM0 -s 9600 -T”,
“satnogs_antenna”: “rx”,
“satnogs_api_token”: “[redacted]”,
“satnogs_rot_baud”: “9600”,
“satnogs_rot_model”: “601”,
“satnogs_rot_threshold”: “5”,
“satnogs_rx_samp_rate”: “2.048e6”,
“satnogs_soapy_rx_device”: “driver=rtlsdr”,

Thanks, Bill

I think I’ve found the required documentation…


This link has all the commands for rotation control. I was able to manually move my rotor using the commands here. For my Yeasu G5500 rotor controlled by a foxdelta USB interface…
rotctl -m 601 -r /dev/ttyUSB0

you can run that command to see if you connect to the rotor controller, then it will ask for position info.
P 220,10 will move the rotor to azmuth 220 degrees elevation 10.
You can read the position with the p command.
Rotator command: p
Azimuth: 220.000000
Elevation: 10.000000

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So, I’ve got my station set up and running. Here’s the configuration I am using.
This is with a Yaesu G5500, a FoxDelta USB controller for the 5500, and a rtl-sdr for RX.

x hamlib_utils_rot_enabled: true                              x
   x hamlib_utils_rot_opts: -m 601 -r /dev/ttyUSB0               x
   x satnogs_antenna: RX                                         x
   x API token was here.. x
   x satnogs_rf_gain: '30'                                       x
   x satnogs_rot_baud: '9600'                                    x
   x satnogs_rot_model: ROT_MODEL_GS232A                         x
   x satnogs_rot_port: dev/ttyUSB0                               x
   x satnogs_rot_threshold: '5'                                  x
   x satnogs_rx_samp_rate: 2.048e6                               x
   x satnogs_soapy_rx_device: driver=rtlsdr                      x