temperature sensor in a cubesat

Hello everyone, I’m a student and i’m working with my team on the idea of a CubeSat.
Our question Is: which will be the best option for a temperature sensor in a cubesat pi? and a low cost one

PT100 or PT1000. These two temperature sensors have similar characteristics, but their difference in nominal resistance may determine which one you choose for your application.

may i choose one or the other depending on de orbit?

We have previously used a AT30TS74 I2C temp sensor in a cubesat with success.
It’s available in a few different packages, it’s pretty low cost, and is easy to interface with. There’s probably a bunch of existing libraries you can pull in.

I also saw TMP122 used in a Cubesat platform design, but it uses SPI.
VST104-Sierra (not yet flown, as far as I know) uses MCP9804.
And I think SwissCube used an analog sensor, the LM94022.

We have used successfully various temp sensors in the UPSat mission including ADT7420.