Temperature and Encoder not in Stepper Firmware?

While going through the BOM checking on part availability and alternatives, I found that the temperature sensor that was called out is Out of Stock and has a long wait time. There are other temperature sensors with different ID’s that are in stock and could be used. While trying to determine if that was possible, I noticed that the temperature coding was not in the Stepper Firmware and was only in the DC Motor Firmware. While I don’t need the encoder for the Stepper Motors (wiki said optional), I was going to add them in. I noticed they are also not in the Firmware for Stepper (understandable since they aren’t required, but that doesn’t really men it is optional since they wouldn’t actually do anything).

Is there a reason for leaving out the temperature sensor and encoder (I understand this is not needed, but it also means it can’t be added) for the Stepper Motors? I wouldn’t mind having these as extra data points.