TC74 Alternative?

I am looking to get PCB’s and parts to make the SatNOGS Controller and Rotator. I look around Mouser and found most of the parts (although one was Discontinued, but Digi-Key had a direct alternative), other parts were out of stock. One of those was the TC74.

There are other TC74, but they appear to have a different address (?) based on the spec sheets. How critical is it that the address be the exact one or can it be modified in the firmware?

Below is a link to the Spec sheet.

The addresses are on page 9. The one in the BOM says it is 1001 000. The other ones (going up to 7 from 0) changes the last 3 digits of the address.

I did answer my own question. Yes, a different one can be used as long as the Binary is translated to Hex and updated in the software. Although this only seems to be called out in the DC Motor version and not in the Stepper version.

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