T-slot extrusion

The BOM says the rotator needs 20x20 T-Slot extrursions, and one of the pages suggests Misumi as a source in the US. Is this the right product:



The same page mentioned they’ll cut it to size, but I don’t see that on the page. Has anyone done this? Did you do it online or over the phone?


I believe that the correct part would be this:


But, I’d love to see a more authoritative answer on that.

As to the cutting, I’m not sure. Looks like there is an Online Chat option where you could probably ask about that.


Those are, indeed able to be cut to length. You just have to specify a part number without a leading ‘k’ and then it asks you to select length in .5mm increments. A lot more money than listed in the BOM - $3.03 each, rather than .51 euro, but I’d rather not cut it up myself…