T slot 20x20 B-type L?

I want to order the T slot 20x20 and it’s not clear for me what dimensions I should order…

Which size is the right one for the short size?
18L100 or 18L102
For the long one?
8L140 or 8L160 or 4L160 & 4L180


My build is 102 and 160 and it was ok

Should it work with L100 & L140? I like the idea of being same size & cube like…

Hey! Different sizes referred to different version.

  • The latest version is 3.1 (here is the pre - release) use L100 & L140.
  • Version 3.01 use L102 & L160
  • Version 3.0 use L102 & L160 & L180

The github repository is a mirror of gitlab repository but isn’t working …
The main development is done in gitlab repository.

I suggest you to build the latest version starting from pre-release files and the wiki.