Switch between daugtherboard depending of the band of the obs

On my GS (#43) I now have S-band with a DBSRX Daughterboard, and I still have the TVRX Daughterboard for the UHF/VHF. (all on an USRP)
It’s only a subdevice to give to the driver.

How I could automate this switching ?
Maybe there is not a lot of people interested by this, so I only make a quick hack ?
How can this be integrated in a new way satnogs manage multiband GS ?

Thank you

You could have a program called in the pre observation script to look at the freq and decide which to switch in by toggling GPIO pins. :stuck_out_tongue:

It cannot be done by hardware, only by software : when initializing the USRP, you can choose the subdevice you want to use.

Interesting. There’s no desperate command you can run to do so?

It’s only a parameter that is given to the driver of the SDR. So basically it needs to change the device arguments config variable to change the daughterboard used.
So the software is not really designed to work like this, so maybe the quick and dirty hack is the best for now.