SV1LJJ in Athens, Greece


Finally, after long time of inactivity I started building my SatNOGS!!! Thank you very much to all the guys at for their help and contribution with the 3D printed parts.

Stay tuned for more pics!!!


Today was “etching” day


Busy weekend!!!




Building the cover case with 3mm plexiglass sheet.


When in your area there are wind gusts of 93km/h


Hey, i try to fabricate in Shapeways with White Versatile Plastic (part C1062-1) with cost ~10E. It is working properly with strong winds.


Shapeways seems nice, but shipping is more expensive (~16E) than the worm itself :thinking:


Have you try to print in petg material?


Nope!!! Is it better than ABS?


I use it, is it very strong filament.

however, the advantage of this rotor is that if you break something, you can always rebuild like the worm gear, with the yeasu rotors or other ultra expensive, I think there are more problems to repair it. On the other hand, being the worm gear made with plastic materials or similar in case of strong wind or strong twisting can happen.


I do not mind printing it again on ABS. I am very satisfied with this worm after almost 2 years of operation.

My problem is that I do not have access to a 3d printer any more.