[Survey] Validate efficacy of threats identified by threat modeling on the SatNOGS system

We are research scientists at the Fraunhofer Center of Experimental Software Engineering conducting research on the use of threat modeling to elicit cyber security threats faced by a satellite ground system funded by NASA SARP (Software Assurance Research Program).
We are requesting your participation in a brief survey to validate the efficacy of the threats that have been identified using the STRIDE method. This survey asks a series of question, for each security threat previously identified, its relevancy and potential impact to the system. Completing the survey will enter you in a drawing of Amazon Gift Card for the amount $25.

Please click the link below to go to the survey Web site (or copy and paste to your browser) for more detail.


Survey prize will drawn at 16th June

hey @sigurthor ! How many replies have you got? We should publicize this a bit more.

Hi @pierros,

We only have about 24 responds and would like to get a lot more.

We would definitely want publicize this more. We have sent this to a few security forums but the number of responses has not been what we expected.

I have been trying to get in contact with moderators/admin here on the community forum to get this out to the community without luck.

Could you help us get this out to the community in a broader manner than what we have tried?

Sure! Let me try to push this a bit more.

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