Support for space educational content creators

Dear all,

Since the Sentinel 2B launch social event, organised by ESA/ESOC, I have discovered a huge ecosystem of space content creators. Most often with amazing quality.

I’ve met the people behind super interesting space channels:

and I am sure there are plenty of them in other languages that deserves at least a heads-up, that we talk about them.

I am thinking they fit in the role of promoting space that the Libre Space Foundation has.
I would like to open the discussion on how to fairly help them on different dimensions (community and notoriety, finances, etc.).

Most often they focus their time on making high quality content, so it’s certainly very hard to do everything else for their channel: marketing. I’ve seen one of them constrained to close for financial reasons, and that’s a pity.

Hoping to pick your brains with ideas how to support such initiatives, see you soon.


Although the examples you share might be interesting, they are certainly a way to refresh my French, from what I figured out the content they are creating isn’t available in an open license and doesn’t further the discussion on open-source initiatives in space.

I understand that not all content out there will be licensed under open licensing schemes, and for sure not all space-related projects are related to open-source technologies.

I’m very open to discussing ways on supporting projects and initiatives that either promote open content, further the awareness of open space technology projects or both. Either in general terms by providing easily accessible content and resources about such projects (especially the ones we undertake) or in a case-by-case basis.

Thx @elkos ,

Yep indeed, the shown links are examples of content creator talking about space missions (in french), sometimes digging for copyright free historical moments, so they do not really relate to open source initiative.

I’ll summarize some feedback I got offline. The goal is to gather some requirements that would allow content creator to get some LSF support.

So first what kind of support ?

  • Just highlight/relay on social networks
  • Technical or Financial support (one-off or for a given period)

And here are some ideas on requirements to access to LSF support:

  • Content itself should be under creative commons license
  • Content should highlight open source initiatives (maybe find a compromise like between 40% to 100% of content does that)
  • Language used should cover the creator’s native language + some it in english/international