Suggestions (Satellites and Ground Stations Database Modifications)

Dear SatNOGS team and community,

I really appreciate your efforts designing and developing a great database for all satellites and ground
stations for the amateur satellites and satellites hobbyists all over the world.

I also would like to share some of my ideas to better enhance the database to make it easier for all as
per the following:

  1. Satellites Database ( Database → Statistics )

We can see the chart showing all transmitter modes and bands for all listed satellites. but, when we want
to click on the CW mode section of the chart itself , it is better to show all the satellites that have CW
mode , and also if we want to see what satellites transmits using “L” band for example , we can click on “L” section on the chart and then it will show us what are the listed satellite for this category.

  1. Ground Stations Database ( Database → Statistics )

We want to see a filter that select only the ground stations that have specific type of antenna system. For
example, some ground stations have only UHF, some have both UHF and VHF, some have directional
antenna, and some have fixed eggbeater antenna…etc. Therefore, by filtering we can see exactly what
ground stations that can listen to some type of satellites.

  1. Another suggestion is that we want to extract or export these data in excel sheet for me to analyse by
    ourselves if we can

I can try to help you whenever you want me to help guys

This is for your information and feedback please


Thanks for your suggestions!

So, if I understand correctly you ask for a modulation filter for both the table and the diagram, right?

Not sure if you refer to the SatNOGS DB or the SatNOGS Network. In SatNOGS Network the station page needs some care and filtering would be a nice addition. For SatNOGS DB unfortunately currently isn’t possible as for most of the stations (which are external source, not from SatNOGS Network) we don’t have any metadata other than the location and the satellites that have received.

I would suggest you use the API endpoints for extracting data from SatNOGS DB. However I guess we can explore the option for extracting data in other formats but this will not be a priority for now.

PS The best way for suggesting changes for each of the SatNOGS projects is to create an issue in the repository of the project, for example for SatNOGS DB you can go at Issues · librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-db · GitLab and open a new issue. This helps us to organize, track and prioritize all the requests/changes/bugs for each project.


Datailed statistics regarding ground station - #7 by mfalkvidd shows how to extract observation data from the API and import into Excel. Should be fairly easy to modify to your needs.


Hello @fredy , thanks for your reply

YES, is it possible that we can filter by modulation in both table and diagram? It will be nice. In addition, if we can add export button to excel sheet it will be great as shown below:

Figure 1: Satellites DB, SatNOGS DB - Home

In figure 1 , we can see all red arrows , clicking on the modulation and the band section on the diagram and tables , will show all satellites that have the same characteristics , on the blue arrow , we can place excel sheet icon so it will export/extract information to excel sheet for our analysis.

Here I refer to both , I agree with you that SatNOGS Network needs some filtering , I can explain my ideas in figures below:


Figure 2: SatNOGS network, Ground Stations

In figure 2, look at the red arrows we can place filters so that we can see which station has specific type of antennas, total number of frames and even we can filter the location. On the upper side of the figure, you can see the blue arrow, which shows excel sheet button that can export/extract the data into excel sheet so that we can filter in our own and do our analysis.


Figure 3: SatNOGS network, Observations

In figure 3, we already have filtrations for the observations, at the red arrow; we can apply the same concept at the ground stations page shown in figure 2.In addition ,the same concept of export/extract information into excel sheet can be added here also.

That is great I will look into that, I agree that SatNOGS team has other important considerations/priorities for now, your team did a very great job my friend and I really appreciate your efforts. I can help you in whatever/whenever you want as a return for what you are giving to the community.

That’s good , I will suggest changes there also , thanks man


Hello @mfalkvidd , thanks for this info man , appreciate your support :+1: