Suggestion for new features

Hi, we are using SatNOGS since few weeks not and I would like to suggest 2 new features

  1. In the scheduling of an observation it would be nice to have a field to select the GS antenna type. I mean, for some weak signal (like E-ST@RII) we need to use only steerable Yagi antennas, so it would be nive to be able to do so.

  2. IN the satellites data base, would it be possible to add a field with the launch date and rocket? This is just for curiosity to be quickly able to understand how old is a satellite we are listening to.

Thanks, '73 de Iw1dgg@Iq1ry

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Regarding the second feature request: There is already an issue to track this: satnogs-db#193.

To track the first feature request, you could add an issue in the gitlab repository satnogs-network/issues.


There is an issue already open for part 2. Or at least that was the intention of the issue. I have collated a spreadsheet with a large proportion of the information. I raised this as an issue as well to enable a ‘to do’ list to get the information gaps closed.

I think if the fields were expanded (i.e. first issue closed) I could help to manage the information gap


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hmm… for the first issue we could have some kind of minimum gain selection, but that would require the ground station profiles to specify the gain of their antennas (which could vary across antennas and currently we allow multiple antenna selection and suddenly the model gets messy).

Not an impossible request, and definitely a useful one IMO.


Hi, well, this is even more complex, I would have started with omnidirectional or with tracking capabilities (AZ, EL). This would already allow some kind of pre-selection.

'73 Iw1dgg. Marco