Suggested features

I think that Gpredict could benefit from the possibility to read information from a GPS and a magnetometer.
That could be used to find Nort automatically, and adjust the antennas azimuth accordingly.
That could be useful for those who are operating mobile/portable setups.

A nice unit is a Ozzmaker BerryGPS-IMU V3

It can be used in combination with Pirotator, located:

It could also detect if the mobile setups main mast is not 100% alligned to the “up” or X axis, and can be used to compensate for that if its not perfetcly straight up. The Adafruit LSM6DS33’s IMU can be used to detect the azimuth and elevation of the antennas mounting axle,its movement speed and where it is pointing related to North.

What you’re asking for is something that should be implemented in a rotator controller, not in GPredict.

GPredict is there to figure out where the satellite is, and then tell a controller what azimuth and elevation to point at. It’s the controllers job to translate that as necessary.

An example of this is the SARCNet Rotator, which uses an IMU for position feedback, and emulates the EasyComm II rotator protocol: