Strongest satellite in UHF band

Anybody an idea which is the strongest or easiest satellite to track. I.e a satellite with constant signal, of course CW from there observations. I need a nice satelite to compare the GS with? We need some competition here to see who has the best GS :wink:

Maybe AOBA-VELOX 3!?

Ok thanks, will track that one!

LUSAT seems much stronger, or perhaps my receiver hears better :blush:




It helps when you select a 89 degrees elevation path :joy:

In cinemas near you. Fight of the strongest :joy:

I wish I could receive satellites like that.

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The initial suggestion was also at a high elevation so it was necessary for proper comparison.


How about this: 32 deg elevation, still ridiculously high SNR:

LUSAT is literally a flying signal generator :relaxed:


Then you will be able to hear it on a handheld!

Lusat is indeed a signal gen with a PA or very good antenna. Will use this to “gauge” a GS at UHF! If you cannot receive this there is something wrong with your GS.