Stratosat-TK1 (RS52S) image transmissions

2024-05-15 21:11utc
2024-05-15 21.11 RS52 - DL7NDR


2024-05-16 17:27:40 UTC…



2024-05-16 19:01utc
2024-05-16 19.01 RS52 - DL7NDR


I have been on and off this satellite for a couple of months. Its either to weak or its not transmitting during the pass.

I have gotten some decent signal strengths however the decoder wont start. And i know i got the decoder right as i have downloaded other peoples basebands and run it through SDR++ with the decoder running in the background and it decoded without problem.

Am i right in assuming that you need a really strong signal in the beginning of this transmission to get the decoder to start? So its not like a SSTV transmission where you pretty much can jump in whenever you want?


For one transmission it is true. As image have jpg header in the beginning of a transmission, which is critical to conduct an image. That why it transmit image multiple times to higher a chance of receiving header and other packets

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Just provide us a FM demodulated mono record from one of the image transmits (1 minute) with a strong signal of your pass and we can have a look on it.