Strange AutoSked Behavior (start/end elevation)

With the exception of the ISS, which I run a seperate crontab job for to force observation start and stop at 0deg elevation, all of my Station 272 VHF observations are scheduled with the same priorities text file. All are supposed to use the station minimum, yet some of them are starting at the station minimum elevation (10 deg), and some are starting at 0. here are a few examples:

At first I thought maybe it had something to do with the observation duration, and the client was automatically lowering the elevation minimum to meet the minimum observation time… but further digging revealed some NO-84 digipeater observations that were 30+ degree passes that still started and ended at 0 degrees elevation.

This is far from a serious concern of mine, just an observation that sparked curiosity.


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This is yet another case of “OE” - “Operator Error”.

Turns out I was a knucklehead and inadvertently ran the scheduling script manually with the “ignore min horizon” switch… duh.

The stupid thing is I bet I’ve done this same thing 100 times in the past and have been noticing these strange inconsistencies with min horizon for a while, but it never even dawned on me that running the autosked manually was the problem. I’ve simply been using the “up arrow” at the shell prompt to find the scheduling command and reusing it for months when I want to force an update of scheduled observations, and never put two and two together.