Stepper Noise Kicking my Butt

So just finishing up the 3.1 build and I have bad stepper noise (and no signal)

Build is:

Rotator 3.1 build with stepper motors, satnogs v2 controller, PI3, RTL SDR V3, FM Notch Filter, 30DB LNA

I had to set my RF DB to 0. If I change to 1, it makes the waterfall red (since I’m running a 30db lna)

Satnogs controller is located inside the rotator housing, I twisted my stepper motor cables and cut them to length, then wrapped shielding around the stepper cables, and connected the end closest to the motor to ground lug on the satnogs controller board.

Control cable from satnogs controller is shielded (connected to the satnogs ground lug) then goes into my secondary box which houses the raspberry pi 3, rtl sdr, lna which grounds out on the box.

Also lined my rotator housing with aluminum tape.

Anything else I can do to eliminate the stepper motor the noise?

Example Observations:

Before I shielded and grounded things:

After shielding / grounding:

Satnogs version 2 in fact also generates tons of spurious, especially on the VHF band, I also shielded all cables well, even wrapping them with aluminum adhesive tape (the one for the pipes of wood stoves) that is in the hardware store , also always with that type of tape I also lined the inside of the box containing the rotor (version 2) and I was able to eliminate most of the interference, even if there are still some.
Unfortunately, the A4988 really generate a lot of spurious.
Another solution would be to put the controller V2 out and away from the rotor, in that case, a version I built gave good results, ie I created a box containing the v2 controller detached from the rotor and connecting it with a shielded FTP cable.