Stepper Motors Vibrating and Not Turning

I have gotten my V3 Rotor and V2.4 board completed, and I am to the wiring part. I have it all temporary wired up to test. Everything seems to function, but the Stepper Motors are only vibrating and not turning until the timeout.

Looking at the firmware settings, it seems the firmware is setup for a 1/8 Microstep (can someone confirm) based on the fact that MICROSTEP is set to 8 and SPR is 1600L (normal 1.8 degree steppers are 200 SPR).

I am using Pololu DRV8825 driver in Full Step mode. The stepper motors are StepperOnline NEMA 17 (datasheet:, product: I have tried changing MIRCOSTEP to 1 (for Full Step) and the SPR to 200L. I am not really sure what is needed for MAX_SPEED and MAX_ACCELERATION or if the default values will work (which they don’t seem to be). MIN_PULSE_WIDTH is also a question on if I should change that. The DRV8825 has a Vref of about 700 Volts (which should put it around 1.4 Amps, I have tested around 1 Amp with same results). Sometimes the motor will turn with nothing hooked up, but it is hit and miss.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what I should adjust?

It seems this was related to a wiring issue. The pairs were correct, but they have to go in the correct sequence. It seems to be working better, but sometimes acts up.