Status satellites?

What is the “status” column, and why I have “unknow?”
Franck 73

The TLE format specifies a flag that can be used for indicating the status of a satellite. You have unknown in it because that is what the TLE file specifies. I have never seen any other status in a TLE file, so it is practically useless.

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Thank you Alex for information.

Actually, it looks like NOAA 15, 18, and 19 have statuses in their data :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
Yes, I can see backup/statut. It is dommage that this parameters is not updated currently.
Update: where I can find the statut in TLE parameters ?
NOAA 15 [B]
1 25338U 98030A 20093.30220133 .00000034 00000-0 32765-4 0 9993
2 25338 98.7251 118.7119 0011447 121.8181 238.4115 14.25957034138389
Thank you

I answer to me…I found, the statut is a parameters who can find then in transpoder param on satnogs…
tnx Alex

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Oh, I didn’t even realize/remember :joy:
Thanks for update!

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