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finally managed to hook up Station to
For further testing i tried to Setup an observer schedule.
For several times i get an Error 500 condition.

Would there like to know of i can submit manually Jobs to my Station for identifying the correctness of my Setup.

some hints would be highly apprechiated,

br Robert, 73 de oe6rke


Feels great to have a new station :slight_smile:

So, I see on the station page the last_seen flag working, which means that the client is working and pings the API correctly. Can you give me some more information in which cases do you get a 500 error? Do you have a traceback log from the client?

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i can see on the supervisor log for the fetcher the regular polling of the api. no error or exception is noticeable.

then i logged on and checked the status of the station.
i changed to observation -> new observation and choosed:

ISS, 2015-08-04 01:00, 2015-08-04 12:00

and pressed “Calculate Observation”.
Clicked then on my “18-oe6xug” bar in the graph and selected “Schedule Observation”.

Immediately Error 500 Server Error shows up. No stack trace or more…

hope this helps to analyse the cause.

br Robert

I’ll check the logs on the network side to see what’s causing this. I tried to add an observation that includes your GS and it was added successfully.

i think i found the reason:

even i selected iss i have had no Transmitter selectable. regardless which satellite i chose i’ve “no Transmitter available”.
maybe a user contrain with the satnogs-db? just an idea for the cause…

br Robert

It seems that for some reason the javascript code that updates the transmitters selector doesn’t run on your browser. What browser do you use?

Can you check the console on your browser? If you are on Firefox this is Ctrl+Shift+K and you enable the javascript tab.

I did following testing:

Windows 8.1 prof english, Chrome 43.0.2357, IE 11.0.9600 --> negative
Windows 7 prof german, IE 11.0.9600, Chrome 44.0.243 --> negative

Windows 7 prof german, Firefox 39.0 --> positive, working

diggeg more into the code.
Windows Debugger claims for jquery-1.11.2.min.js a Syntax Error at:

object DOMException

return H.apply(d.w.querySelectorAll(x)),d
–> elements in stack either null, 0 or not defined

This exception occurs twice when i seelct a new satellite…

hope this info helps to pin down the bug.

br Robert, 73 de oe6rke

I just pushed a fix (and deployed to dev) that fixes the problem on Chrome. I don’t have a machine with Explorer at the moment to test it, but probably it’ll work there too.

The problem was with jquery’s :visible element that is not interpreted in the same way across browsers.

thanks for the fix, we are almost there.

did testing for chrome and ie:

chrome is working well und displaying only the assigned transponder.
ie is now showing the transponders, but always the full list regardless the satellite i selected.

but thanks so far, am happy with the features i discoverd :smile:

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