Station Status API?

Is there an API for station status?
I would like to get data about my station, how many passes are waiting for vetting, scheduled passes etc and display them on my web dashboard.

Station info can be found at

For scheduled observations you’ll have to crawl through the observations API at

Both allow filtering on ground station ID.

See get_scheduled_passes from for examples.

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Ah, this is very help and pretty much what I was looking for.
Some how I only found this API doc;
Hence my question.


Hello @thebaldgeek,

If you want, about the observations, i created a cli program to easily getting data from the satnogs network :

I hope this can help.

And thanks for your topic, i didn’t noticed that there is an api for stations. I going to add it into my tool.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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