[Station 265-El_Nido] All my observation's images get are interrupted and the image gets black

Hi guys! I Hope you are doing well.

Some colleges and I are developing the SatNOGS project in Uruguay, we have recently construct a QHA antena to get some NOAA images. The problem we are seeing is that, at some point the images get all black. It happens for all our observations, here I left some examples.

https://network.satnogs.org/observations/442965/ (We are having problems with our filter here!)

Any input you can give is will be helpful or any tips about where to start debugging also. We believe It is a software “issue”, I believe that in some point the image decoder or FM demodulator stops and soon on the image is black.

Thanks in advanced!

It looks the signal is poor. Do you have a pre-amplifier on the antenna? Or do you have a long cable? The decoder cannot keep the synch on the signal and at a point it stop decoding.