Station 226 - First ground station Switzerland

Good news, we’ve deployed the first ground station in Switzerland at a very noise less spot (7.35009E,46.83592 N).

The antenna is a TA-1 (Turnstile) + an RTL-SDR V3 stick. The site is a remote HAM radio station with broadband cable internet and 24/7 long term operation experience, technically maintained by HB9EHO, HB9FXQ and DM9KS. When all shortwave antennas are not operated there is a public <30MHz sdr receiver available at to get an impression on the HF noise no site.

It is currently registered in the dev network 226 - now we got two requests:

a) transfer ownership of the dev network node 226 to user TECHNIKRAUM
b) transfer to production network!?


I confirm the request, please transfer the ownership.

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Welcome to SatNOGS network! Your station seems in a good working condition, great job!

I created a user account in , I will send you a PM with the details.
No need to transfer the -dev station as you will be transferring it to production any case.

Make sure to do the following to transfer to production:

  • Create a station with all details in production site
  • Run sudo satnogs-setup on your client and change the following settings to the new ones:
  • SATNOGS_API_TOKEN to the new one (check your user page in
  • SATNOGS_STATION_ID change to the new one created in the\
  • Apply settings and check to see the station online
  • Start scheduling and keep your station full of observations :slight_smile: (if you like help with that let us know)
  • Join us on to get to know you and if you need any help!

Once again, welcome!


I can see the station is now live in production! Nice :slight_smile: @hb9fxq @laemmy

One note though: You have flagged some observations as “bad” or “failed” although they clearly have a satellite signal visible (e.g.

Please do review the Operation - Rating observations guide on the wiki and let me know if you have any additional questions!