Station 216 and LilacSat-1

I must be missing something obvious - why cannot I get a pass prediction for LilacSat-1 on my uhf station? I see it on other stations, but 42725 never appears for my pass predictions and trying to schedule one for a pass after midnight local tonight (so I can record IQ at 87 deg) just gets “Satellite is always below horizon or no free observation time available on visible stations.” AFAIK neither of which is the case.

Pick another one, like SO-50 27607 works fine.

I see that your station is heavily used by the SatNogs admins - are you sure that availability isn’t the issue?

[edit] check the scheduled observations for the time of the pass you want, and then delete any observations that overlap. Then try re-scheduling the LO-90 observation. Let us know what you learn.

Thanks for the reply - yes, I’m pretty sure there are no scheduled observations at the time of interest - LilacsSat-1 does not even show up in the Pass Predictions where it would at least show overlap.

No biggie - largely curious.

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Weird, all out of ideas.

I was able to schedule some. Could be your min angle of 25° being the problem.

I set a custom one of 0 and it worked. You only start getting passes on your station at like 23 degs from experimenting.

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Hey @cswiger !

As you can see below, indeed LilacSat-1 does not have many passes above you and that combined with the inherit 25 degrees filter from you horizon kinda minimizes the chances you will get a pass offered in the station page. Of course as Lilacsat-1 is on 51.6 (ISS) inclination this will be changing every day with one or two good passes every day or so.

Other than that I see nothing wrong with your station, except maybe that you should upgrade it (you are on 0.7 and latest is 0.9!).

This is by far not a “heavily usage” case. I can see regular scheduling for 216. Wait till auto-scheduling is fully enabled across the Network, then you will see heavy usage :wink:

You are correct - it was the min horizon, must have to be above for a period before it can be scheduled.

For instance, LilacSat-1 gets up to 45 deg on 3/19 04:07 per gpredict – but I have to turn the horizon down to 16 deg before it can be scheduled - so it looks like a three minute minimum.

So the pass last night I was interested in it got up to 88 deg at my location, but must be going so low and fast the minimum observation period could not have beeen met?

at 4:51:26 it was at 25 deg el NW using gpredict time control, then
at 4:53:38 it was at 25 deg el SE only 2 minutes and 12 seconds in view!

Anyway I recorded the IQ using cron :sunglasses:

And an update is in the works, setup being made so easy.

btw you can keep your minimum horizon and go to advanced settings on observations/new page and set there the minimum horizon for only this scheduling. Have in mind that the minimum horizon in the advanced settings, is applied for all the station you have selected.

216 upgraded and back in service!