Starting my build soon. Just a few last questions

So, I’ve been stockpiling parts since 2015. I plan on building a V2 rotor first since I already have a box. My designs will be slightly modified to experiment with operating the ham radio satellites when the station is not being used for an observation.
After I finish that, I plan on ordering the extrusions to build a v3 and set it up permanently as a dedicated ground station, hopefully at my university. I plan on documenting both of these builds with a set of youtube videos as I build it to help other newcomers.

As it stands, I have about everything either here or in transit. But I wanted to take a few moments to ask some questions before I mess any of my new goodies up.

  1. What voltage is expected on VIN of the PSU board. I believe its 24VDC but I just want to confirm

  2. Does anyone know the Max current draw as well as the average current draw when tracking? If I’m right about the 24 volts, i have access to fairly cheap 24V 2/4AH cells that I could use when I’m using the rotor for ham purposes / mobile demonstrations.

  3. I’ve never experimented with PoE, does anyone have suggestions on what equipment to buy to power the beast?

  4. Finally, are there tested prints for American PVC pipe? I don’t really want to order pipe offline when I work at a home improvement store.

I’ll also be on IRC (nathanst) if anyone wants to field questions there.

Thank you for any feedback.

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