"Standard" SatNogs Rasbian image vs "manual" Ansible install?


I’m new to SatNOGS, setting up a basic omni ground station is my first foray.

For the initial setup I have a RPi 3+ with a dedicated FlightAware dongle for ADSB and a Kerberos SDR which I’ll be using to provide four RTL-SDR RF front ends. As an aside I may upgrade to a Pi4 to give a bit more compute/memory headroom.

Two channels of the KSDR are being used for other duties (433MHz home automation and AIS/Marine data). The remaining two will be used for SatNOGS.

I have a Raspbian image up and running doing the HA and AIS bits and running nicely.

I though adding SatNOGS would be installing a few .debs and off you go, but it appears that it’s all Ansible/Docker based so I assume the thing to do is to follow the instructions here - https://wiki.satnogs.org/SatNOGS_Client_Ansible Will this work ?

More generally, is this a right sort of approach, or would I be better re-spinning the RPi with the official SatNOGS image, then adding my other pieces (rtl_sdr and rtl_ais etc.) to that instead ?

Thanks in advance,


For what it’s worth, my question became somewhat moot - the (cheapo) MicroSD card I was using barfed so I had to do a re-install anyway. Went the SatNOGs default image then added the extras I wanted to that. So far so good :slight_smile: