SSTV ISS - Inter-MAI activation scheduled for Jan 30 - Feb 1

Received information that the Moscow Aviation Institute will be conducting their SSTV experiment from January 30 - February 1. It appears from the scheduling that the experiment will only be active during a couple of orbits that overfly Moscow instead of a continuous operation. Rough time periods of activation appear to fall between the hours of 13:00 - 19:00 UTC. Activity should occur on the traditional 145.800 MHz downlink.

Update Jan 29***

Daily schedule.
Jan 30 - 13:30 UTC - setup and activation
Jan 30 - 18:30 UTC - shutdown

Jan 31 - 13:20 UTC - activation
Jan 31 - 17:40 UTC - shutdown

Feb 1 - 13:45 UTC - activation
Feb 1 - 16:45 UTC - shutdown and stow

source: ARISS SSTV blogspot

  • Total duration of the event: 12h and 20min
  • Total coverage from satnogs network: 5h 23min 50s which is ~43.76% of the total announced event time.
  • Total time of observations (includes overlapped observations): 2d 13h 5min 17s
  • Total satnogs observations vetted as good: 352
  • Total satnogs observations with images decoded: 308 observations with 572 images decoded which is ~1.86 decoded images per observation
Observations - click here to see them all

The map showing all participating stations listed above and the ground track during the observations:

A collage of the best received images:

Coverage diagrams that include also bad and failed observations:

green: good observation
red: bad observation
grey: failed observation
black marker: decoded image

Diagrams and maps are created using code from @kerel’s repo. Thanks @kerel!