Spare PCBs Available

Hey everyone. Hope it’s okay to post this, but I have two additional sets of PCBs for V2 of the tracking box that I’m hoping to sell. Each set includes 2 of the opto boards, and one each of the power supply and main board. These were extras leftover from my PCB order that I have no use for, and hopefully I can save someone the hassle of getting their own boards made up.

I’m located in the US. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

i´m send you a private message. Thanks!

Do you have any of these PCBs left? I’m keen to get one set of the PCBs quite quickly. Thanks.

Hi. I do still have both sets available. I am selling them at my cost, which is $25 per set. Plus shipping costs. PM me if you’re interested.

@roto22 Sent you a PM

Both sets have been spoken for. Thanks to everyone who had interest!

I also have 2 sets of spare PCB’s avail. (OSH PARK Production)
I will also include the req terminal blocks since I have plenty extra.
$26 USD/ set with First Class Lower 48 USA shipping.
Other shipping options by special arrangement.
Please PM me.

If you’ve still got the PCB’s can you let me know how much to ship to UK


Alex, g7kse

if you still have these boards available I will take one set

stil someone with spare pcbs there ?

Maybe I’m lucky too :slight_smile: Does anybody have a spare PCB left? Unfortunately, I can’t open the kicad file (PARSE_ERROR: Expected ‘number’ in input/source … line 71, offset 23), so I’m not able to order a PCB.

Thanks for your reply!

Update 15.08.2016: Figured out that KiCad Files where still being opened with an older version, hence the error. I ordered 5 PCBs at elecrow and will let you know when spares are available.

Hey guys, my PCBs arrived and I have a couple of spares left which I am happy to send around Europe for € 3.- plus shipping in a standard envelope from Switzerland. PM me with your address if you want one.