SpaceX F9 Transporter-5 - 2022-05-25 18:35UTC

Hello Everybody,

I would like to know if it’s possible to add tracking until the 25th of July?

We are still thinking that the TLE 5243 is our Satellite.

Also, do you know why one observation has a good status without any data in the waterfall?

Thank you in advance for your answers

Have a nice day

Hi @arthurspin,

The good status was a mis-vetting, I’ve re-vetted as bad the observation because as you noted there isn’t any signal visible in waterfall.

I’ve also scheduled a couple of observations for SPiN-1 for the next 2 days and I’ll have it in mind until 25th. If you have certain passes and you can give me certain datetimes in UTC, I can focus scheduling around these datetimes.

The Veery FS-1 satellite would have been ejected from the Vigoride-3 platform days ago, the frequency is 60 KHZ wide , and ranges from 137.935-137.965 MHz. Probably active only over USA.

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According to " Correspondence for File Number: 1838-EX-ST-2021" from

They have removed the VHF request. Also there isn’t any request on ITU too for VHF for this satellite.

Anyway I’ve added the satellite in DB.