SpaceX F9: Transporter-11 Rideshare : VSFB SLC-4E - 2024-xx-xx xx:xx:xx UTC

Place holder post for gathering and showing details.

One of the sources for the payloads:


A few that I am aware of:

A note on Kanyini’s modulation (and this applies to SpIRIT too - SatNOGS DB - SpIRIT) - The FSK deviation is fairly wide (tone separation around 10 kHz, but if you look at the spectrum, you’ll see a lot of the energy is further out).
The cutoff frequency of the filtering used in the FSK flowgraph (in particular the filter used before the quadrature demodulator that feeds the OGG sink) has a cutoff frequency of 0.625*baud_rate, so +/- 6 kHz. This unfortunately leaves a lot of the signal energy out of the filter passband, which will degrade reception.
This would be solvable if there was a modulation index parameter in the FSK demod flowgraph (this could just be set higher), but because there isn’t, I’d like to consider if we can just set the baud rate to something higher (12000?) so that the OGG recordings become more usable. I’m currently using these recordings to extract beacon packets.


SpiRIT is using a bit higher than 5000 deviation, more like 5200.

Plot made with 5000 deviation.
Meaning 29.2kHz bandwidth ?!

gr_satellites is using 5000 as default, as this covers most cases, but reduces the chance of demodulating weak frames due to more noise being let in to the quadrature demod. Perhaps worth investigating as a better default on the fsk ogg sink.

Yes, it’s definitely a tradeoff in picking the deviation. It would be better if this could be specified in the DB (with some reasonable default) so that it can be tailored to each satellite if required.

Transporter-11 – August 2024

Name User Orbit Purpose Downlink frequencies Mode Temporary NORAD
Italy ION SCV-012[37] D-Orbit Low Earth (SSO) CubeSat deployer 401.415 / 2267.5 ITU
United States [Vigoride 7](Vigoride - Wikipedia)[38] Momentus Space Low Earth (SSO) Space tug for LUR-1 U / X, S 2261.5
United States Acadia-5 (Capella-15)[39][40] Capella Space Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation X / Iridium
Europe Arctic Weather Satellite (AWS)[41] ESA / EUMETSAT Low Earth (SSO) Meteorology 2230 ITU ASR
Poland EagleEye[42] Creotech Instruments Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration 2268 ITU
United States GNOMES-5[43] PlanetIQ Low Earth (SSO) Radio occultation X
Argentina Labsat IoT[44] Copitec / Fundetec / University of Palermo Low Earth (SSO) IoT U / S
United States LEO Express-2[45] Impulse Space Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration
United States LizzieSat-5[46] Sidus Space Low Earth (SSO) IoT 2201.25 / 2262.25 / 2283.25 ASR
United States LizzieSat-6[46] Sidus Space Low Earth (SSO) IoT 2201.25 / 2262.25 / 2283.25
United Arab Emirates MBZ-SAT (Exo)[47] Yahsat / Bayanat / MBRSC Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 2228.2 ITU
United States MuSat-3[48] Muon Space Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration X
United States PExT[49] Johns Hopkins University Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration TDRS S 2287.5
Japan QPS-SAR-8[50] iQPS Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 2254 ITU
United States RAY[51] Inversion Space Low Earth (SSO) Reentry capsule S / Iridium ASR
United States Stingray × 6[52] EOI Space Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration
United States Tanager [53][54] Carbon Mapper / Planet Labs / JPL Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation X/Ka, ISL 4100 / 6325
United States ThinkOrbital F2[55] ThinkOrbital Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration
United States Umbra-09[56] Umbra Space Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 2254
United States Umbra-10[56] Umbra Space Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 2254
United States Winnebago-2[57] Varda Space Industries Low Earth Space manufacturing 2272.5 ITU
United States YAC-1-1[58] Loft Orbital Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation
United States YAM-7[59] Loft Orbital Low Earth (SSO) Payload hosting 400.875 / 2070 / 2097.5
Croatia CroCube[60] EVO, Spacemanic Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 436.775 IARU
United States Deimos[61] Aethero Space Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 400.575?, X ASR
United States Dione[14] NASA Goddard Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration 2273.76
Finland Hyperfield-1[62] Kuva Space Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 2247.5
United States Kaladin[63] Array Labs Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration U / S endurosat
Australia Kanyini[64][65] Myriota Low Earth (SSO) IoT 400.5, Myriota & 137? 98890
United States Lemur-2 / Hubble-3[66] Spire Global / Hubble Network Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 402.7 / 2022.5 ASR
Spain LUR-1[67] Added Value Solutions Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation 401.5
Italy PiCo-1B1…9 [68] Apogeo Space Low Earth (SSO) IoT 450.1875 / 450.0625 ITU ASR1 ASR2
United States PTD-4 (LISA-T)[69] NASA Ames / MSFC Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration 401.205
United States PTD-R (PTD-5)[69] NASA Ames Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration 401.205
United States Rock & Lopen[70] Array Labs Low Earth (SSO) Technology demonstration Iridium ASR
United States San Xavier[71] Lunasonde Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation U?
United States TROOP-F2[72] NearSpace Launch Low Earth (SSO) Docking target 916 ASR
United States R1,R2[73] Low Earth (SSO) Meteorology 400.5
:white_small_square: United States Aurora × 4 (QAC-1)[74] Quub Low Earth (SSO) Earth observation
:white_small_square: United States Alba Orbital Deployer Alba Low Earth (SSO) Cubesat Deployer
AU CUAVA-2 University of Sydney LEO SSO Earth Exploration 400.65, 2259 IARU 9k6 BPSK
AU Waratah Seed-1 WS-1 NSW Govt LEO SSO Rideshare Host 400.65 & 2259 ITU
NO HYPSO-2 NTNU LEO SSO Earth Observation UHF / S
UK Tyche SurreySat/MOD LEO SSO ISR Demo S / Iridium
SN GaindeSat Senegal LEO SSO Earth Observation 401.8
DE QUBE/KUBE Germany LEO SSO Quantum Laser Demo UHF? ITU
US HAWK 10A/B/C HawkEye 360 LEO SSO SigInt X S2E / L ISL
IT Iperdrone.0/Tyvak 0415 ASI LEO SSO Demo Testbed 401.11 & 2225 ITU 9k6 FSK?
CL Lemu Nge Lemu LEO SSO Earth Observation
ES Sateliot 1-4 Sateliot LEO SSO IoT 410.36? UHF & S?
HU WREN 1 C3S LEO SSO Earth Observation 401.750 & 137?
ID CAKRA-1 GomSpace LEO SSO AIS Monitoring 2245 BPSK?
ESA PhiSat 2 / Phi-Sat-2 ESA LEO SSO Earth Observation ?

Delay Transporter-11 to October ?



Indeed there will be a delay in the launch. I think it is unknown how long it will be.