Source for yagis

Source (scad) for the cross yagi is on github. Can someone post the source for the other yagis, so they can all be converted to fit imperial PVC?

/cc @pierros


Hey Corey, we dont have the source in open scad (or freecad) but rather AutoCAD for the moment. Did you check here ?

@pierros I was looking for the source behind the parts on the other antennas, autocad files would work. Didn’t see any in the github tree except for the cross yagi, and the overall design .dwg

I may get by with the couple of parts I modified from the cross yagi though, came up with an element holder and a driven element unit that fits a 1/2" imperial PVC with 5/32" (very close to 4mm) aluminum TIG rods. The result was a pretty nice yagi, even if I were to use it to TX it comes out at a 1.2 SWR with 50w at 435mhz. Did an awesome job at picking up SO-50 the other day.

The files for these parts may still get tweaked but can be found below. Anyway, point being I can probably take these and adjust them for a VHF yagi. :slight_smile:

Quick question. Is there actually a difference between imperial/metric pvc pipe? I was under the impression that they were under nominal pipe sizes.

Yes they are different. This means if you don’t use the right set of parts you will end up with PVC rods that are too loose to fit correctly. NPS is just a “trade size” meaning it’s an easy way (when doing actual plumbing) to make sure all of your parts will fit together without worrying too much about variables like wall thickness. NPS 1" PVC actually has an OD of 1.315" because of the wall thickness. NPS also implies imperial sizes, the metric equipvelant is DN.

Last but not least, tubes are sized by their outside diameter where pipe is sized by the inside diameter, should anyone go looking for other materials to fit their printed parts.

Oh definitely. I just wasn’t sure if the NPS and DN were synchronized, as that chart on Wikipedia suggested. I assumed that the 32mm pipe requested for the tracking things would be equivalent to 1-1/4" NPS.